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Follow Me (Everywhere)

I made a “new.myspace” because social networks are kind of like Pokemon. Gotta… sign up for them all? It looks sleek, and I like the interface. It’s kind of like Spotify meets Twitter, and there’s no commercials (yet). If only I could scrobble from there, it’d be perfect. It’s also another place to network. One can never have too many places to network. I’ve been saying I’d make an account for about a month, I finally did. Join me on my crusade to takeover the internet one social network at a time.

Complex Eternal - Lift Her Up [Prod. by Taiji Beats]
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Lift Her Up [Prod. by Taiji Beats] - Complex Eternal from Lift Her Up


Complex Eternal | Lift Her Up [Prod by Taiji Beats] 

This might be my favorite song I’ve ever made. London based producer, Taiji Beats blessed me with this beat. I’d been wanting to sample Mree for sometime, and it finally happened. The result is something special. The idea behind the song is two people who have lost all hope in love and relationships, find each other. This song is one part a response to Mree’s Lift Me Upone part my experiences, and one part my hopes. I’ve been holding out on this one for a few months. However, I figured what better day to share this record.

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Complex Eternal - Rue's Flowers [Prod by. Taiji Beats]
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Rue's Flowers [Prod by. Taiji Beats] - Complex Eternal from Rue's Flowers


Complex Eternal | Rue’s Flowers [Prod. by Taiji Beats]

Better late than never. As promised, here is some new music from myself. Assuming you haven’t read/watched The Hunger Games and don’t like spoilers you should probably stop reading this, and you certainly shouldn’t listen to this song. I doubt that will be a problem for any of you, but I had to give a fair warning. 

Now to explain the song. As you know, Katniss volunteers as tribute in place of her sister, Primrose. The same can’t be said for Rue. Katniss as a result connected with her, and wanted to protect her as if she was her own sister. However, she isn’t successful. Ultimately this song uses Rue’s death as a symbol of all youth. 

The song opens with a portion of President Snow’s speech preceding the Hunger Games as he wishes them luck, knowing they’ll inevitably have to slaughter each other. 

Verse One touches on the early death of innocence in a child who has witnessed murder or is in an environment where it’s basically normal for people to be killed. The verse goes on to explain how witnessing murder can make a young person develop a me or them mentality. So they’re more willing to go to extremes in the future as to save themselves from being the victim. 

Verse Two touches on literal death of youth who are victims of senseless violence. The verse also touches on the impact that has on their families and loved ones. 

Verse Three touches on war, and its casualties. The casualties of often young soldiers from 18-Early 20’s. As well as the death of children that inhabit these countries who are caught in the crossfire. I also call out various world leaders questioning who exactly is the bad guy in these situations. 

The Chorus symbolizes all of the above, as well as the cycle that begins. Murder begets revenge.

The song concludes with the conversation between Rue and Katniss that is meant to symbolize the imminent danger, as well as hope and belief that our youth will make it out alive. 

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4EMR | Abstract Faces (Prod. by Mac Soul)

From the collective, 4EMR that features Mac Soul, Pheno, and myself Complex Eternal comes our latest offering. Mac Soul produced and originated the idea of the song. He’s on first followed by Pheno, and myself. This is probably my favorite song that features the three of us. I listen to this one just about every morning, and now so can you. You can download this song via bandcamp for free, HERE.

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Belief: Blessing & Burden

Belief is simultaneously a blessing and a burden. It’s a beautiful thing to have people believe in something that you’re doing. It has nothing to do with seeking approval, but when those around you show excitement for things you’re passionate about it feels right. That’s magnified when the thing you’re going after isn’t easily attained. When things against all odds fall into place it really feels spiritual. As if the unseen bindings pull you toward the people you need to encounter to ensure all of you succeed. 

For me, as well as my team that thing people rally behind is our music. I look at the assembling of our music group, and really what are the chances kindred spirits from New Jersey and Alabama respectively link up? More recently I connected with a producer out of London who is on the same wavelength. When all of these things begin to happen so perfectly, it’s hard to think that this is just coincidence. I don’t believe it is. 

These are people that I believe in, and we all believe in each other. The fact that people I previously had no connection with have entrusted me with representing a portion of their music family, or actually want me to make music over their production and not even for monetary gain at the moment is amazing. That’s a blessing, but it’s also a burden. A good burden, if there is such a thing. It’s a burden of expectation. An expectation of high quality music. That’s a good burden because while it’s something my partners have come to expect, that’s something I also expect of myself. 

One of my guys is going to be preaching at my church in a month or two. He wants myself and Mac Soul to write and perform a gospel song together. At first I was like absolutely not. I do have a lot of Christian themes in my music, and I do recognize my abilities as a gift, but I was unwilling to put myself in front of the congregation. Most of them know nothing of my music. I’m just the quiet guy to them. However, when he gave his reasoning why he wanted us to perform, I knew I had to. He expressed that belief in us, and to not perform would be disregarding a gift, and rejecting the intrinsic trust that comes when you believe in someone. It’ll give me a new persona to them, if nothing else.

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Hurricane Sandy…

Hurricane Sandy was quite the experience. Thankfully, the closest body of water is maybe 10 blocks away and that didn’t flood anyway. Part of a tree came down on my block in front of my neighbor’s house. It did no damage, and only served as a momentary obstruction, before we moved it. As I rode through the city in the days after, the destruction I saw was unexpected. The size of some of these trees I saw lying on the ground was amazing. Some still hanging there by a string, while others managed to pierce entire houses. The power went out Monday night, and up until today, the morning of November 1st, I’ve not seen any of the damage to our coastal cities, and while I expected the hurricane to be substantially stronger than Irene, I could have never prepared myself for the images I saw. It was very eerie here the past few nights. The entire city was plunged into darkness as the sun went down, no gas stations, nor stores have been open here since. So, as you can imagine commuting was wild, especially when people chose not to adhere to four way intersection rules. At gas stations that actually were open, lines were wrapped around several blocks, and they were constantly running out. We were seemingly on the edge of societal collapse, as people begun to fight over the amounts of gas some people were getting, among other things. It was apocalyptic. There’s been a number of deaths here in New Jersey, and I send my condolences to the families, and friends of those people. God bless everyone affected by this storm. I couldn’t imagine losing someone through tree collapses, live wire electrocution, carbon monoxide poisoning, or any of the tragedies I’ve been hearing about.

On the other end of the spectrum, people have been banding together, and really helping each other from what I’ve seen. As one might imagine, you’ll see the best and worst of people in times like these. Got to spend quality time with the family, as well as another family. A lot of Taboo, and Boggle was played. It also led to me having an all-out competition with this kid, Kalvin. Competitions ranged from tic-tac-toe to algebra and history. Those are things, I’ll also remember about the hurricane. Though it really does personally impact me to see people from my state, and the entire tri-state area experiencing such loss. Cities have been rearranged, maps rewritten, entire homes washed away. I really hope everyone, and certainly the coastal communities who were especially impacted, make it out the other side stronger than before. I have fond memories of time spent in Wildwood, so to see pictures of the place underwater is sobering. As saddening as it is for me, it’s much more catastrophic for actual residents of the city. May those coming together continue to do so, and may those coming undone realize we’re in this together. May I also commend, Gov. Chris Christie on his response before, and now after the hurricane. I’ve been one of his critics, but he’s completely thrown politics out the window. I was listening to the radio yesterday and heard him say, “I don’t give a damn about the election.” when asked about it. That showed me a new side of Christie, and that’s someone I can stand behind. Right now, I am. Once again, God bless. Continue to be safe.

Life Begins Now: September Birth →


September Birth

September is my birth month 
physically and mentally. 
Socially and consciously.

It took dusted sidewalks and 
twisted metal to wake me up.

Two blazing messengers awoke 
the beast inside of me.

I never knew until then the amount 
of hate that could reside in me. 

Those events left me wrenched 
Like the building you left here in.

Stolen colors, painted grey. 
A skyline smudged black.

I didn’t know what surreal meant then 
But, that’s what it was.

I felt my psyche crack. 
And that taught me that 
Bleeding doesn’t require 

But hearts do require love. 
And sometimes a lack of it 
Leaves the soul choked 
Breathless, and purple. 

It’s been said that love hurts 
But it doesn’t. It only hurts 
when it leaves, when it was 
Never there. When it’s gone. 

And there have been songs 
Written about losing things 
You can’t replace. 

Wanting to hug people you 
Can’t embrace. Running from 
And running to things that 
Can’t be seen, or chased.

Life has taught us love. 
Pain has taught us hate.

Wisdom has taught us 
Choices and fate. 

Life will find us jovial and lively 
Just as it will find us languished 
And weak. 

This is not happenstance 
But precept.

A promise written at conception 
And guaranteed by birth. 

By, Jared C. 

Lost A Great One!!!!!!

We are sad to announce that De’Vine Alexander will no longer be working with 4EMR and will be focusing on PanDA, a company she is starting up. We wish her the very best in all of her endeavors and hope she enjoys continued success, for she helped make 4EMR what it is right now and her efforts will not be forgotten.